Over 60% more space and time-effectiveness
VendiShelf is installed as a part of a standard Lean-Lift – automated storage and retrieval system, which uses the available room height and stores products in height-optimized positions so that no space is lost. This system saves much space (even up to 80%) and also increases the cost-effectiveness of their warehousing and materials handling.
Access Control
The system limits access to single items (instead of the whole shelf), which enables dispatch control, settling of material responsibility issues with persons picking the goods. It also ensures the control of item consumption by operators, easy replenishment of goods and the information about warehouse inventory.
Eliminating errors
Only one item may be accessible for dispatch from one compartment. It is not possible to pick a similar item or an item from another compartment.
VendiShelf is installed in any chosen shelf of Lean-Lift. The size and the quantity of the compartments are selected individually. VendiShelf may be easily integrated with the corporate network.
Wide range of applications
The main application of VendiShelf system is storing valuable and small or medium sized goods, which are needed to be controlled. They could be tools, DIN parts, elecronic components (ESD sector), keys, magnetic card, drugs, and meny more. Lean-Lift system with VendiShelf has wide range of applications in production, distribiution, logistic centers, tool stores, maintenance, and many more.

Advantages from installing VendiShelf in Lean-Lift systems are also as follows:

  • both simple installation in new units and retrofit to existing systems
  • integrated with standard Lean-Lift software
  • power supplied from Lean-Lift infrared communication
  • safeguards against unauthorized access
  • flexible, from one to all shelves can be fitted with “add on” system
  • choice of compartment sizes