Why VendiShelf?

There are well known Hänel Lean-Lift system – the automatic vertical storage and retrieval system.
It consists of a moving feeder whose task is to pick or deposit movable shelves in target storage locations.
The shelves can be drawn out of the storage system and used as pallets allowing for picking a higher number of items at a time.
Such a system does not ensure enough control over the quantity, type and purpose of goods picked at the level of access to single pieces.
It only provides whole shelf control which is insufficient in many cases if there are various types of goods stored on the shelf.

However, installing Vendishelf system in any of the Lean-Lift shelf, we gain overall dispatch control which allows to identify the person who picks goods as well as the type and quantity of the picked goods and determine the time of picking the goods from Hänel Lean-Lift.