Manufacturer of military equipment

CLIENT: PCO S.A., Warsaw, Poland
PROFILE: manufacturer of military equipment (night vision, fire control and laser warning systems, thermovisual sight etc)
APPLICATION: storing of the valuable components for production in VendiShelf system – distributor of goods with complete access control system

PCO S.A is a manufacturer of military equipment such as night vision, thermovision, fire control and laser warning systems, laser range finders, thermovisual sight etc.

PCO S.A. has been successfully using automated storage and retrieval system consists of 8 Hänel Lean-Lifts since 2008. Thanks to this solution the company has saved storage space about tenfold.


Only one compartment is accessible during each one storing/retrieving process

Hänel Lean-Lift storage and retrieval system, in which VendiShelf system is installed

SOLUTION:With regard to storing of the valuable components for production, PCO S.A. has decided to install VendiShelf system in Hänel Lean-Lifts.VendiShelf system consists of 7 cassettes for dispensing small-sized components and ensuring complete control over the goods dispatching process.


  • safeguarding against unauthorized access
  • error-free access – only one, chosen compartment is accessible to dispatching (instead of the whole shelf)
  • material responsibility for picking the goods
  • protection from dust, light and other environmental conditions
  • integrated storage management
  • flexibility in adjusting to proper size and quantity of compartments
  • more units can be added at a later time